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Shock absorber for stopper cylinder

AC Series

Product introduction

AC Series

The AC series is put inside the stopper cylinder in order to block moving objects and to stop it. There are automatic compensation model and adjustable model.

Automatic compensation model: The design of the external pressure cylinder is composed of a one-piece structure; the structure is compact and safe, so as to avoid deformation of the piston rod caused by the oblique angle impact during machine operation. In order to reduce the friction between the end face of the piston rod, it is recommended that the interface surface to be designed for rolling friction.

Adjustable model: In order to avoid the adverse effects caused by the off-angle impact, the piston rod adopts a two-stage structure. In this structure, there is a unilateral eccentricity adjustment ranging from 0° to 270°, which can effectively increase the adjustment range.

  • Material

    Outer pipe: AISI1215 and STKM11A oxidized black, and the nickel plating treatment enhances rust resistance

    Piston rod: hard chromium plating treatment and special seals for longer lifespan

    Piston: We adopt materials with excellent wear resistance to ensure long-lasting and stable cushioning

  • Temperature range
  • Installation
    The users can use threaded mounting method, or directly put it in the cylinder
  • Specific demands
    CJAC is able to customize solutions based on your requirements.
Model AC2010-N HC2010-N SFC2010-N
10 10 10
Maximum absorbed energy
25 25 25
Absorbed energy per hour
15,000 15,000 15,000
Maximum effective weight
120 120 120
Highest impact speed
3.0 3.0 3.0
Working temperature -10~+80°C -10~+80°C -10~+80°C
123.5 123.5 118
Corresponding illustration 1 2 3

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